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Altitude Engineering investigated the cause of a steel concrete mold form failure.  The form was used to create large reinforced concrete barriers.  During the process of pouring concrete the form abruptley opened resulting in the fatality of the laborer on the open side of the form.  Altitude Engineering work in conjunction with Bioptic Engineering of Val-d'Or, Quebec, Canada. in the forensic investigation.  Altitude Engineering modeled the steel form using our Finite Element Analysis (FEM) software program.  We were able to determine the exact forces at the connections, evaluate the capacity of those connections, and determine the cause and sequence of failure of those connections.   

The software generated picture view of the computer model is shown to the right.  We were able to create a very accurate model of the form with the field measurments provided by Bioptic Engineering and the versatility and extensive database of our FEA software. 

The computer generated 3D view depicting the internal loads on the steel form is shown to the left.  The software depicts the various axial forces, shears, bending moments, and deflections in a similar graphic display or table format.  The distinct graphic results aid the engineer and non engineer in visualizing areas of high stress and deformations.  We were able to detemine the steel plates and stiffening elements were structurally adequate.  The underdesigned or weak elements of the form were the single shear pinned connections.