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Pictured to the left is a custom home with Log accents, designed by Dale Munsterman.  I worked on this project with Dale back in the early 1990's under the mentorship of a previous employer. The structural challenges of this project were primarely due to the site location in the Lake Tahoe area.  Heavy wet snow loads in combination with the seismic considerations of the California area; created the need for embedded steel bents hidden within the log stucture. These isolated steel frames are a typical structural element used to resist potential seismic loading.  With the help of an experienced designer, engineer, and a log crafting company (Custom Log Homes of Stevensville, MT) the project was completed on schedule.  I continue to work with Dale as well as Custom Log Homes on more current projects.  Dale can be reached at:
The Munsterman Group LLC

530/546-3126 office
530/412-4116 cell
866/929.0305 efax