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Shown on the left is a Palfinger articulating crane.  This particalar crane is capable of picking a 4 1/2 ton load when extended to full 70 ft radius.  Altitude Engineering was contracted to complete the fabrication drawings and structural calculations for a steel framed pedestal that would safely support this crane under all loading conditions.   The dimensional constraints for the crane pedestal were quite specific as the crane will be used within an existing Nuclear Power Plant in Southern Florida.

Shown to the right is a picture view of the FEM computer model for the crane pedestal design.  The computer model was particularly useful in determing the correct concrete counterweights to be secured to the pedestal base to safely prevent tipping.   Design/analysis required checking all pertinent loading conditions in regard to pedestal design as the Palfinger crane turns thru a 360 degree (slew) rotation.  Our client required us to adapt our pedestal base design and pedestal top design to reusing their exist four vertical 14 inch diameter steel columns and the corresponding K bracing system.  The overall height of the crane pedestal is appoximately 25 ft.

Shown to the left is a concrete spillway structure designed to safely contain any spills related to filling the 10,000 gallon aviation fuel tank.  That fuel tank can be seen in the upper right of the photo.  The reinforced concrete spillway slab was designed to safely support the weight of a 20 ton fuel delivery truck.  Altitude Engineering design responsibilities also included the concrete footing and steel supports for the aviation fuel tank.