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Pictured to the left is a partial view of the interior of the Jay Peak Waterpark Enclosure Structure located at the Jay Peak Resort.  The Waterpark had its grand opening in December of 2011. The Jay Peak Resort is a ski area located in northern Vermont State.  The aluminum structure has a footprint area over 39,000 sq. ft. and is approximately 5 stories in height, not including a large cupola constructed over the stair tower serving the waterslides.  This aluminum building has twenty six (12 ft wide by approximately 36 ft long) operable sky light roof panels and encloses several water slides as well as the adjacent pool area.  Altitude Engineering has worked with Openaire Inc. on the structural design of five waterpark enclosure buildings throughout the United States.

Pictured to the right is the Stair Tower structure within the Jay Peak aluminum building shown above.  This is a seven platform structure providing access to four waterslides as well as supporting those slides with braced steel tube arms.  The main support members of the various platforms are open web aluminum trusses.                                                                                                                        

Pictured to the left is a picture view of the 3D Finite Element Analysis (FEA) computer model for the Jay Peak Waterpark Stair Tower. The challenge of this project was to laterally brace the tower and not interfere with the slides or access to them.  Another difficulty was to provide cantivered platform areas stiff enough to support the large live loads and once again not interfere with the slides circling the perimeter of the tower.  The six main columns supporting the tower are composite elements utilizing two of the largest extruded aluminum members typically available to the manufacturer.  Using the typical members available to the manufacture lowered the material costs for the  project.