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Pictured on the right is a 4000 sq. ft. fabric roof canopy.  This canopy is supported by 16 sagged steel cables attached to a central mast and sixteen perimiter steel pipe columns.  Lateral stability is provided by additional 16 tensioned steel cables on the outside perimeter.  The project is located on the prestigious Stockfarm residential development and golf course, just outside of Hamilton, Montana.   What makes this project unique is the motorized operation at the central aluminum mast to raise the support cables and fabric into place.  The sixteen 1/2 inch diameter steel cables attach to a stainless steel ring, which moves up and down the central aluminum mast column. The support ring is pulled upward by steel cables within the central column that attach to a electric motor set below the deck structure.  

The picture to right better depicts the sagged steel cables supporting the roof canopy.  The lower perimeter edges of the canopy are supported by smaller 3/8 inch diameter steel cables.

Shown on the right is a typical anchorage connection to the perimeter concrete piers